H A I R  E X T E N S I O N S

Hair extensions can be used to add length, volume, and color to your hair that also comes in a variety of types depending on your desired look.

The first step is a free hair extension consultation to determine if and what custom hair extensions are right for you using either clip-in, tape-in, halo, micro bead, or hand-tied natural beaded row extensions. Consultations usually take about 15 minutes and, after taking a thorough history of your hair and answering any questions you may have, we will work with you to determine which type of extensions would help you achieve your desired look.


A free sample will be placed in your hair at the consultation so that you can try it out and see how it feels because we want you to be confident in your choice prior to making the commitment and investment in hair extensions. We match the color and texture exactly so that the extensions will be virtually undetectable from your natural hair no matter the type of hair extensions.

G I F T  C A R D S  A V A I L A B L E


E X T E N S I O N  L I S T

H A L O  C O U T U R E


HALOCOUTURE® provides beautiful, non-damaging hair extensions of the highest quality 100% Remy Human Hair. Add volume, length and body in a matter of seconds. You can wear them daily or just for special occasions and remove them as easily as applying them. This innovative temporary hair extension technique causes no damage.


HALOCOUTURE® revolutionized the hair extension industry with The Original HALO®. Since then, we have added The Fall, The Layered HALO®, and The Ponytail; providing the perfect option for everyone.

S T Y L E S  A V A I L A B L E

The Original HALO®

Our newly expanded color collection now offers more than 30 shades of Original and Balayage Colors, ensuring a seamless blend with your own hair. Designed with comfort in mind, the easy application of the HALO® will transform your hair in a matter of seconds. Whether you want to extend your length, add volume or enhance your color, The Original HALO® is the perfect Extension for everyone.

The Layered HALO®

Uniquely designed and unlike any other product available, each piece has 2-3 built-in, gradual layers, providing the most natural blend with your own hair. With 30% more grams than The Original HALO®,  it provides maximum volume. The beautiful, flowing layers allow shorter styles to be transformed seamlessly into gorgeous long hair in an instant. Our most popular HALO® Extension!

The Fall

The Fall can easily transform your hair in a matter of seconds! Placed at the crown of the head, The Fall is secured by four comfortable, silicone-coated clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage free. The hair is hand tied into a breathable weft, which allows it to be redirected to blend with your natural hair. The Fall gains its popularity for the versatility it offers, transforming fine hair into a natural, voluminous look. Conceal hair loss and new growth between color services, while adding length and fullness instantly. Pair The Fall with The HALO®, to conceal short layers and create the long hair you’ve always wanted!

The Ponytail

The Ponytail is a unique Extension, designed to create the long, voluminous ponytail you’ve always wanted! It easily attaches with a small built-in comb and a section of hair wraps around to seamlessly conceal your hair tie.

Instantly enhance your simple ponytail into a sophisticated up-do, or a long flowing style. The Ponytail is lightweight and versatile, allowing you to create any look you desire!


The price varies depending on your desired length and thickness! We would love for you to stop by and try on our samples so we can help you find your perfect HALO match!

M I C R O -  B E A D  M E R M A I D


Mermaid Hair by Katie Rogers is a micro bead extension technique, also know as "I Tip”, which uses non-slip micro beads and a loop tool to attach individual tip extensions to the existing hair. The tip closely resembles the end of an ever-so-thin shoelace. Beaded hair extensions use no heat or glue, and contain no chemicals making them ideal for protecting the hair. Our extensions are semi-permanent and last from 4-6 months depending upon quality of care. 


Mermaid Hair Extensions are made from only the highest quality 100% pure human Remy hair. What makes us different is our famous double strands. Not only is Mermaid Hair more than double the thickness of our competitors, it takes less than half the time to install. While most other top brands weigh in at less than a gram, Mermaid Hair Extensions are luxurious 2 gram strands. 

Mermaid Hair by Katie Rogers is one of a kind. You will never find any other extensions quite like ours, and that’s because Katie invented them. Facing the common problem of wanting the full look of super thick hair extensions but not having enough room on you head to installing that many pieces, Katie developed a process for physically combining two strands into one. Her revolutionary 2-in-1 strands made it possible to get double the hair in each individual micro-bead, giving everyone the ability to rock twice as much hair on their head.


Pricing varies depending on desired length, thickness, and color. Schedule a complimentary consultation, at which time exact pricing can be given.


P O P P Y 


Poppy Hair Extensions are made of 100% European human hair and are long, shiny, beautiful, and come in a variety of shades to match your hair seamlessly.

Poppy Hair has worked tirelessly to create dream hair extensions that will make people stop and ask you about your hair. Which we all know is the best compliment of all time!


Poppy hair comes in a variety of styles depending on your hair wants and needs. Offering clip-ins, tape-ins, and hand tied wefts/natural beaded rows.

Poppy Hair Extensions is created by our very own CFO and shareholder Sara Rash. After years of trying other hair extensions, Sara discovered there was a demand for affordable extensions that wouldn't fall apart and that were actually thick enough to appear natural.


Sara believes that every woman deserves to experience the thicker and longer hair they have always dreamed of having. With Poppy Hair you can make yout dreams come true! Weather your hair is long and you need a little extra volume, or you cut your hair and absolutely hate it, we can help you!


The Price will ultimately depend on type of extensions, desired length, as well as color. Schedule a complimentary consultation, at which we will provide the exact price of hair as well as install appointment total.